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Honesty for Xmas or Dishonesty for Xmas (2 of 2)

I am charging you 10,00$ for a booklet of cheap black and white 11 x 14” photocopies folded in half that were assembled by me. All copies are hand numbered. The Belooga Joe logo on the cover is hand colored in Red and Yellow. As announced yesterday, a portion of the profits will be going UNICEF.

What is the exact amount per booklet that will be going to UNICEF?

Amount going to UNICEF per booklet = (price of item sold – expenses) x percentage of the profits that will be going to UNICEF.

Price of item sold: 10,00$
Expenses: Cost of photocopies per booklet: 42 x 0,11$ = 4,62$
My own personal salary per booklet: 3,00$
Total expenses: 7,62$

Percentage of profits that will be going to UNICEF: 1%

Note that Shipping & Handling costs (postage, envelopes, trip to the post office...etc) are passed on to the consumer so they will not take part in the equation.

(10,00 – 7,62$) x 0,01 = 0,0238.

Total amount per booklet that will be given to UNICEF: 0,02$*.

Check will be written to UNICEF for their portion of the profits on a biannual basis.

*All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Honesty for Xmas or Dishonesty for Xmas (1 of 2)

Booklet contains 40 Belooga Joe strips from the last year that were selected by me. (Note: booklet contains English strips only, a compilation of the french ones will be available soon).

A portion of the profits from the selling of this booklet will go to the UNICEF organisation which works for the survival, protection and development of all children worldwide through education, advocacy and fundraising. The first ‘Buy Now’ on the right of this page will get you one. Enjoy!

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Satan's Claws or Marketing

The Coca-Cola Company invented polar bears.

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Sex or Sex